A la cart Pricing:

Individual Photo Prints:


Printed through a professional print lab on the industry's finest photographic paper.

8 Wallets        $12.00 (same image)       

24 Wallets      $25.00 (same image)    

56 Wallets      $50.00 (same image)

104 Wallets    $100.00 (same image)

4x6                $12.00

5x7                $15.00

8x10              $20.00
11x14            $35.00
12x18            $55.00
16x20            $115.00   (mounted with gatorfoam)
20x30            $165.00 (mounted with gatorfoam)
24x36            $205.00 (mounted with gatorfoam)


Metallic Prints:


Let your photos stand out from the rest with ultra bright and vivid colors.  Printed on professional photographic paper.

5x7                $17.00
8x10              $25.00
11x14            $40.00
12x18            $65.00
16x20            $96.00  (mounted with gatorfoam)


Giclee Canvas Prints:


Pre-stretched and ready to mount on your wall.  Canvas has a 1 1/2'' natural wrap and looks beautiful with or without a frame. Please note that additional sizes are available upon request.

8x10              $130.00
11x14            $165.00
12x18            $189.00
16x20            $235.00
20x30            $290.00
24x36            $365.00

Metal Prints with Flush Mount Frame


MetalPrints™ represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.  Comes ready to hang on your wall, no additional framing needed!

8x10              $95.00
11x14            $135.00
12x18            $175.00
16x20            $225.00
20x30            $325.00
24x36            $425.00

Image Folios


Image Folios offer a stunning new way to display your photos in a beautiful & sturdy book-like format.

Size 2 Panels 3 Panels 4 Panels
4x5 (vertical or horizontal) $85 $110 $135
5x7 (vertical or horizontal) $90 $125 $155
8x10 (vertical or horizontal) $115 $165 $205








Misc. Products


-20X20 Senior Collage: $175.00


(Choose up to 9 of your favorite images to be put on a 20x20 collage.  Comes with foam backing)

-Digital Files -Lower resolution images that are great for sharing on Social Media (i.e. Facebook/Pinterest)

     5 Digital Images: $85.00

     15 Digital Images: $115.00

-High Resolution DVD of Senior Photo Session Images

     Free with print purchase over $1200